• Law of Christ - Charles Leiter

    Law of Christ is available through Granted Ministries and can be purchased HERE.  It is available as a hardback and in e-reader form.  A description of this book is below.

    What does it mean to "serve in newness of the Spirit and not in oldness of the letter"? What is the Christian's relationship to the Law of Moses? What is the "law of Christ"? How are love and law related? Are the commandments of the Old Testament still relevant in the Christian life? What does it mean to be "free from the Law"? How does love "fulfill the whole law"? These questions, and many others, are considered in The Law of Christ.

    Too often Christians have looked to something other than Christ for their supreme rule of duty. They have centered their lives around a "list of rules" rather than His "new commandment" to love. Not realizing that the goal of all Christian instruction is love, they have too often valued Bible knowledge, preaching ability, "ministry," and "gifts" above the one thing that matters most in the Christian life. Yet, according to the New Testament, love is the fulfillment of "the whole law," and no amount of sacrifice, knowledge, or even faith means anything apart from it. The goal of this book is to point believers to their perfect Savior and standard, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is Himself love incarnate, and who alone can enable them in some measure to love as He loved.

  • Justification & Regeneration - Charles Leiter

    Justification and Regeneration is available for purchaase as a paperback or e-reader version through Granted Ministries HERE.  A description of this book is below. 

    It is also available as a free PDF download in these languages:








    What does the Bible mean when it says that Christians have "died to sin"? How is it possible for a just God to "justify the ungodly" without becoming "unjust" Himself? What is regeneration? What is justification? Why do all men desperately need to be justified? If I have died to sin, why am I still affected by it? As a Christian, am I the "new man" or the "old man"—or both? What does the Bible mean when it says that Christians have "died to the law"? Are Christians still slaves to sin? 

    The answers to these and many other questions become clear once we gain a biblical understanding of justification and regeneration. These two great miracles lie at the very heart of the gospel, yet even among genuine Christians they are surrounded by confusion and ignorance. This book attempts to set forth in clear biblical light the nature and characteristics of justification and regeneration that God may be glorified and His children brought to know more fully the liberty that is theirs in Christ.

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